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Skills development

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Well-tested, effective training programmes to improve internal skills

Izidoo’s training activities drive business growth through the growth of their participants. All courses share some key common features:

  • They are built for leaders and professionals who are responsible for managing complexity;
  • They deal with the issues of greatest impact to the business and its organisation;
  • They are designed to support the process of change that has been taking place in recent years;
  • They integrate the contribution of experts with the experience of the participants;
  • They encourage the interaction between people with different backgrounds, visions, and business cultures.

Izidoo’s instructional design model allows you to build relevant and impactful personalised solutions, maximising learning in the least time necessary.

Through on- and off-line activities, gamification, experiential training, project work, virtual & augmented reality and direct experiences, Izidoo’s designers and trainers create the right combination of conceptualisation, experience and feedback, aligning with your learning objectives.

Izidoo focuses on upskilling the core professional competences that are essential to your company’s future:

  • Management skills required by the current business context and relating to the area of ​​people & culture, team building, change management, and performance management;
  • Self-effectiveness skills, such as prioritisation and time management, creative thinking, effective communication and problem solving / decision making.

Who is this for?

Izidoo designs highly customisable learning and development programmes, specific for each group of participants:

  • Senior and Middle Management;
  • Professionals and employees with leadership responsibilities;
  • Cross-functional teams;
  • Blue Collars.

What is special about our training programmes

All Izidoo training courses meet demanding requirements:

  • They are continuously updated to the most advanced, state-of-the-art research and experimentation, in terms of content as well as training methodology;
  • They are designed with learning effectiveness in mind: maximum learning in the minimum time necessary, fully developing the resources of individuals and teams;
  • They are widely tested, across a range of business settings, on companies and individuals with different characteristics;
  • They are fully customisable, based on the specific needs of each client.

Training courses

Training course

Leaders in the mirror

Your senior executives are specialists in their fields. But do you think there is still room for them to improve their people, organisation, and resource management skills?

Training course

Communication is listening

Globalisation and specialisation have led to the multiplication of communication channels: communicating effectively is increasingly difficult.

Training course

Fit-for-purpose leadership

How can leaders learn to motivate their teams, whilst achieving their goals, driving productivity and fostering a good working environment?

Training course

Creative intelligence and dancing stars

Creativity belongs not only to artists, but also to the business community: it is possible to find creative solutions to urgent problems. Izidoo will support you on this journey.

Training course

Solving problems, inside and outside organisations

Some problems are so complicated that the usual solutions do not work … or just make them worse. How can we reduce this risk by using a learning approach?

Training course

Eyes on me! Create compelling business presentations

85% of corporate communication is delivered through presentations. However, if information is treated blandly, one risks detracting attention from the core issues. Learn how to craft memorable presentations.


Projects and solutions tailored for you

Izidoo’s consultants can support you across all learning and development initiatives for your organisation. Contact us now for a custom needs analysis and to design a fit-for-purpose work plan.

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