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Instructional design

instructional design

Design as a key factor for effective learning

Instructional design is defined as a systematic approach to develop effective and “memorable” training initiatives for all types of attendees: in this sense, the goal of IZIDOO is to design learning experiences that remain etched in their minds.

Izidoo’s systemic model takes on the typical dimensions of adult learning, through a mix of Knowledge, Action, Relationship, transforming them into the best combination of training methods.

IZIDOO designs training courses with a guaranteed impact on the business, building on the real motivations of trainees while considering their time constraints.

For this reason, at the heart of every IZIDOO project lies the ability to select the most suitable teaching strategies and methodologies on a case-by-case basis, picking between on- and offline workshops, face-to-face and video lessons, gamified activities, case studies, digital learning, microlearning, didactic workshops, virtual reality tours.

IZIDOO Instructional designers guarantee a powerful and pragmatic learning experience, always aiming to achieve a full knowledge transfer in the professional context.

Who is this for?

Izidoo’s Instructional design programmes are mainly requested by:

  • HR, HR Training and HR Business Partner Departments
  • Corporate Academies
  • Learning environment development company (LMS, LCMS, hybrid environments …)
  • Publishers of Learning and Development content and courses
  • Organisational and change management consulting firms.

What is special about this programme

  • A reliable team of Instructional designers, experts in adult learning and technologies;
  • Strong experience in multiple business sectors;
  • Systemic methodology, based on the integration of Knowledge, Action, Relationship;
  • Training engineering approach, focused on single learning elements;
  • Partnership with the key players in digital learning.

A mix of cutting-edge tools and methodologies


In our online and face-to-face workshops we work in small groups on contextualised case studies and common problems; in this way learning is strengthened through interaction, feedback, analysis, connection to others, discussing the issues togethers.


We design courses that alternate different Learning Objects that act on different stimuli, achieved through self-learning, with the possibility to interact with experts and teachers, and to develop project work in teams.


Training pills of limited duration are increasingly used to deliver targeted content without overloading the participants; it is a perfect strategy for companies that want enhanced flexibility in their use of training.


Learning always has a play component: isn’t that how we learn life as children and fill it with warmth as adults? Gamification means reinforcing the value of training through play, friendly competition, an open and fair spirit of challenge, in connection with others.

Blended learning

The most effective paths are those that stimulate perception and learning through different channels: therefore, we always prefer a mix of self-learning and classroom training, face-to-face and online activities, pre-work and homework.

Interested in Instructional Design Opportunities?


Projects and solutions tailored for you

Izidoo’s consultants can support you across all learning and development initiatives for your organisation. Contact us now for a custom needs analysis and to design a fit-for-purpose work plan.

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