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Students today, citizens of the world tomorrow

Digital and technological acceleration, new forms of communication, transformation of economic and social realities, the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, STEAM disciplines, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence: these are just some of the issues that are significantly impacting the lives of children, teenagers and young adults today, towards the so-called Society 5.0.

For example, at the beginning of 2022 the Italian ‘Camera dei Deputati’ (House of Representatives) approved a bill enabling the so-called Life skills, i.e. the use and enhancement of non-cognitive skills in education.


It is now essential to look at educational paths in a new way, without abandoning the high standards of European Education systems, but linking together skills and curricular subjects with an interdisciplinary approach, closer to the needs of real life: the ability to analyse and research, a method for complex problem solving, critical, logical-computational and lateral thinking are some of the keys to success for the world of the future. 

Similarly, new disciplines such as Coding, 3D modelling, AI and Robotics need to be introduced as early as school age.

For years IZIDOO has been creating training programmes for teachers and pupils that provide tools and methods for innovative teaching and orientation in a versatile and exciting future, where the demand for life skills and technical and technological competences in step with the times will be paramount.

The training and orientation paths for young people built by IZIDOO use innovative teaching strategies, technological and digital, but at the same time rich in humanistic culture and human connection between people.

Supported by young experts in Coding, Educational Robotics, STEAM, Soft Skills, Izidoo builds workshops, seminars, online and blended courses with a coherent, solid approach that is deeply focused on the learning needs of teachers and youth.

Who is this for?

Izidoo’s services for Education are aimed at:

  • Schools and Foundations
  • EdTech Agencies
  • Publishers of textbooks
  • Educational service systems

What is special about this programme

  • Direct and in-depth experience of the European school environment, gained through hundreds of hours of in-person and remote training
  • Deep vertical know-how in new technologies: Coding, AI, Educational Robotics

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