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Train the trainers

Train the trainers

Internal trainers as a vehicle for knowledge transfer

Each organization has most of the skills necessary to grow, gained through years of experience and competition on the market. Therefore, it is often useless to look outside for someone to teach the newcomers: the best experts are almost always found in the company, as they combine technical competence with organizational knowledge.

But good technicians are not necessarily good teachers: on the contrary, they often have difficulty in transmitting their knowledge to others.

Through its Instructional Design skills and its learning model, IZIDOO supports Corporate Academies and companies in building a solid and effective internal Faculty:

  • supporting the HR functions in identifying Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and qualifying the faculty;
  • designing and implementing Train the Trainer courses dedicated to the internal faculty with a focus on learning, relationships and classroom dynamics;
  • helping the SMEs build the paths, the necessary teaching materials, the learning evaluation tools
  • supporting the SMEs in their first pilot courses

Attending the training, reflecting and discussing with colleagues, your trainers become aware of their strengths and improvements,refining their sensitivity to the dynamics of the classroom.

Our target

Izidoo offers Train-the-trainers services to:

  • HR, HR Training and HR Business Partners
  • Corporate Academies
  • Line managers interested in the transfer of skills through internal teachers (e.g. Sales Director training f the sales network)
  • in the Education, schools managers and deans

Our strengths

  • Effective methodology for the Instructional Design
  • Focus on teachers and training experience
  • Credibility of trainers
  • Contextualized training based on real case histories
  • Higher degree of training success

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