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Corporate Academies

Corporate Academies

Building a learning environment to facilitate processes

Our organisations are defined by continuous change and new scenarios that generate Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity (VUCA world).

This means that companies are required to constantly adjust their upskilling and reskilling strategies as well as adapt their overall approach to learning and development. Developing an Academy means building the future of your company with a mid to long term perspective on three levels:

  • Enhancing your people and consolidating each person’s professional identity;
  • Increasing the value of your company for all internal and external stakeholders;
  • Developing your company’s core competencies and creating a bridge to the future, without losing your legacy and corporate identity.

A Corporate Academy is a business school where knowledge, values, behaviours and strategies are shared to support the growth of managers, middle managers, rising talents and employees.

It is an always-accessible (even remotely) physical and virtual space for sharing best practices and developing innovative ideas to manage your business challenges and opportunities effectively.

Izidoo designs and builds corporate academies in close collaboration with HR teams, starting from a deep understanding of their specific contexts, business cultures and strategic priorities.

Please note that in order to establish a corporate academy, it is essential to have a faculty of certified internal teachers.

Who is this for?

For the development of a Corporate Academy, Izidoo designs and works with:

  • HR, HR Training and HR Business Partners
  • Board of Directors
  • Training Agencies

What is special about this programme

Developing a Corporate Academy opens up many new opportunities:

  • it motivates individuals, who can access upskilling and reskilling content and courses;
  • it improves internal communication, reducing waste and downtime;
  • it drives everyone’s engagement, focusing on topics that increase the company’s skills.

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Projects and solutions tailored for you

Izidoo’s consultants can support you across all learning and development initiatives for your organisation. Contact us now for a custom needs analysis and to design a fit-for-purpose work plan.

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